Reno Babcock Auctions, LLC
"Have Gavel, Will Travel"



                                                                            G. D. Eastlick Trucking
I had an auction on May 10, 2018 and auctioned Tractors, Trailers, and miscellaneous parts and equipment from a 64 year old trucking business.  Reno and Liz took the time and arranged and staged everything.  They were very knowledgeable of the values and presentation.  They did a fantastic job advertising. 
This was a very difficult thing to do, but Liz and Reno put me at ease through the whole process. They did an excellent job.  I would recommend Reno Babcock Auctions to everyone. 

Thank you so much for what you did.
Derald Eastlick
G. D. Eastlick, Inc.

                                                                   ZIGGY'S BUILDING MATERIALS
  Thinking of having an auction? Looking for an auctioneer? Give Reno Babcock, auctioneer, a call. I did and I had an awesome auction. Mr. Babcock came to my business, surveyed the product and equipment I wanted to auction off. Reno and Liz took it from there.  They prepped the product, coordinated the advertising and set up the preview time for the items and equipment we were going to auction. I have never had an auction before. From the start of the process to the end of the auction, I felt very secure in the choice that I had made. I would recommend Reno Babcock, auctioneer, for any auction. Reno and Liz did an awesome job auctioning all products and equipment. My sincere thanks goes out to them.

  Jack R. Ziegler
  Ziggy's Building Materials
  Bozeman and Billings MT


On September 12, 2016, the Billings Young Marines held their first Dinner with Live and Silent Auction.  We were very blessed and grateful that Reno Babcock volunteered his time and talent to help raise money for a program that I feel so strongly about.  Reno was professional, knowledgeable, entertaining,  and made the process more fun by getting the attendees involved, which was a big hit.  Without Reno, we would not have made the money that we needed for our program.  The benefit went so well, we are gearing up for our Second Annual Dinner with Live and Silent Auction on
September 18, 2017.
Marris Harris 

Executive Officer of the Billings Young Marines

                                                                            BARKEMEYER PARK
                                                                             Huntley, Montana

  We have worked with Reno for our annual fundraising auction for several years. He is a perfect mix of professional and personable. Reno is knowledgeable about the value of a variety of items. He also knows how to present items so they bring in the most value. Reno auctions for us for several hours and he has the necessary vocal stamina from start to finish. He also ensures the auction stays on track and moving forward. 
  Furthermore, Reno knows how to work our crowd. Our auction has a fun and casual atmosphere. He builds rapport with the crowd quickly. He knows when to crack a joke and can do so while still ensuring the business at hand is still taken care of. Reno has a calm and confident presence and we believe this makes our crowd feel comfortable and keeps them engaged. 
  Lastly, Reno works really well with our team of volunteer clerks and auction assistants giving them guidance, affirmation and clear communication throughout the auction. He has also given us tips on how our auction can be more successful. We really value his partnership and knowledge.